How to choose the pump body material

For single-stage pumps, gray cast iron has enough strength to resist external pressure. In the medium pressure and temperature range, ductile iron is widely used. In applications where gray cast iron and ductile iron cannot achieve sufficient corrosion resistance, corrosion-resistant high-nickel cast iron is often used as the pump body material. Since corrosion-resistant high-nickel cast iron has a small amount of niobium, it can change the performance of welding. Austenitic cast iron can be widely used in brine. Gray cast iron is a commonly used cast iron material, usually the pump body, impeller, pump cover and suspension of the clean water pump are made of it.

Cheap pump body

Ductile iron is a comprehensive cast iron with excellent casting properties and processing properties, and is usually used as a substitute for cast steel. Cast Steel For corrosive and hazardous petroleum products, multistage pumps require the use of specified cast steel or cast stainless steel.


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