The difference between stainless steel multistage pump and carbon steel cast iron pump

1. Carbon steel or cast iron water pumps will have an oxidation reaction. Usually we say rust, while stainless steel multi-stage pumps are not easy to rust, but it does not guarantee that they will never rust. The stainless steel multistage pump is placed in an environment containing small metal particles and high humidity;
2. Carbon steel or cast iron pumps cannot transport medium liquids containing acid and alkali corrosiveness, but can only transport clean water, while stainless steel multi-stage pumps can transport acid and alkali corrosive medium liquids;

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3. The production process of stainless steel multi-stage pumps is more precise than that of cast iron pumps, the surface of the pump body is smoother, and the efficiency is higher than that of cast body pumps. not tall;
If the cast iron water pump transports corrosive liquid, the pump body will be corroded and the service time of the pump will be reduced. Therefore, the cast iron water pump is not recommended to transport corrosive liquid medium, and the stainless steel material itself has corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, and high temperature resistance. Grinding and other characteristics, so the stainless steel water pump is suitable for conveying corrosive liquid media.


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