Practical uses of pumps

Widely used in shipbuilding, oil exploration, trucks, etc. According to incomplete statistics, among various marine auxiliary machinery and equipment, the total number of marine pumps of various types and different purposes accounts for about 20%-30% of the total marine machinery and equipment, and the price of marine pumps is in the cost of marine equipment. The proportion is also relatively large. In the total construction cost, marine pumps account for about 4%-8% of the cost of ship equipment. Under normal circumstances, the purchase of marine pumps for a medium-sized or larger ship can reach more than 10 million yuan. When it comes to the key pump market, it must be said that the "West-East Gas Pipeline" project that has been completed in my country also needs pump products in the "West-East Gas Pipeline" project. At the same time, the country has to build other natural gas pipelines, and a large number of pump products are also required in these projects.

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Different uses
Water pumps have different uses, different liquid media, different flow rates, and different lift ranges. Therefore, of course, their structural forms and materials are also different. To sum up, they can be roughly divided into:
1. Urban water supply 2. Sewage system 3. Civil engineering and building system 4. Agricultural water conservancy system 5. Power station system
6. Chemical system 7. Petroleum industry system 8. Mining and metallurgy system 9. Light industry system 10. Ship system


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