General Features of Centrifugal Pumps

(1) The water flowing in the centrifugal pump is inhaled along the axial direction of the impeller, and flows out perpendicular to the axial direction, that is, the direction of the water flow in and out is 90° to each other.

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(2) Since the centrifugal pump relies on the inlet of the impeller to form a vacuum to absorb water, it is necessary to inject water into the pump and the suction pipe before starting, or use a vacuum pump to exhaust air to form a vacuum, and the pump casing and suction pipeline must be strictly sealed. There must be no air leakage, otherwise a vacuum will not be formed and water will not be absorbed.
(3) Since it is impossible to form an absolute vacuum at the inlet of the impeller, the suction height of the centrifugal pump cannot exceed 10 meters. In addition to the loss along the way caused by the water flowing through the suction pipeline, the actual allowable installation height (the height of the pump axis from the suction water surface) is much less than 10 m. If the installation is too high, it will not absorb water; in addition, since the atmospheric pressure in the mountainous area is lower than that in the plain, the installation height of the same water pump in the mountainous area, especially in the high mountainous area, should be lowered, otherwise it will not be able to absorb water.


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