The role of the pump body

The pump body consists of two parts: a suction chamber and a water pressure chamber. The inlet of the suction chamber and the outlet of the pressure water chamber are the pump inlet flange and the outlet flange respectively, which are used to connect the water inlet and outlet pipes. The suction chamber is generally a section of A tapered short pipe or straight pipe of equal diameter that gradually shrinks, its function is to introduce the water flow into the impeller and provide the required flow pattern to the impeller. The function of the pressurized water chamber is to collect the liquid flowing out of the impeller and lead the liquid flow to the outlet. The shape of the pressurized water chamber is very similar to a snail shell, commonly known as a volute, and the impeller is wrapped in the volute.

pump body

The top of the pump body is provided with an exhaust hole (filling hole) for vacuuming or watering. There is a drain hole at the bottom of the shell, which is usually plugged with square head bolts. The parts in the pump are corroded and the pump body is frozen in winter. The pump body is made of cast iron or cast steel and other materials, and its inner surface is required to be smooth to reduce hydraulic loss.


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