Causes of water pump seal leakage

The failure of pump mechanical seal water is one of the most prone to failures in water pump failures, so the water pump mechanical seal is also one of the more critical vulnerable parts in water pump components. When selecting a water pump, the material of the mechanical seal must be suitable for the user's delivery For liquid medium, usually the water pumps leave the factory with fluorine rubber mechanical seals, and some manufacturers use nitrile rubber mechanical seals. If the corrosion is serious, use PTFE mechanical seals.

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The first possibility of water seepage at the mechanical seal is the wear of the dynamic and static ring planes of the mechanical seal. There are several reasons for the wear of the dynamic and static ring planes of the mechanical seal:
Reason one, the installation is too tight. Observe the plane of the dynamic and static rings of the mechanical seal. If there is serious scorching, the plane is blackened and has deep marks, the sealing rubber becomes hard and loses elasticity. This phenomenon is caused by the installation being too tight.
Solution: Adjust the installation height. After the impeller is installed, pull the spring with a screwdriver. The spring has a strong tension. After loosening, it will return to λ, and the moving distance of 24MM is enough.
The second reason is that the installation is too loose. Observe the plane of the moving and static rings of the machine. There is a thin layer of scale on the surface, which can be wiped off, and the surface is basically free of wear. This is caused by the loss of elasticity of the spring and poor assembly, or the axial movement of the motor.


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