What are the valve accessories

The valve itself is composed of a valve body and an actuator, which contains many parts, which are the ones answered above. The actuator is divided into starting, electric and so on. What you want to ask is components or accessories. The accessories should mainly be: positioner, solenoid valve, air filter pressure reducer, position valve, reversing valve, valve position switch, etc. Different valves are equipped with different parts of accessories, but The common ones are inseparable from positioners and pressure reducers.

Valve Parts

Generally speaking, in the entire pipeline, various fittings other than straight pipes can be collectively referred to as pipe fittings. But customarily, we refer to elbows, tees, large and small heads, pipe caps and various pipe joint diameters as pipe fittings, and at the same time, we call flanges, valves, expansion joints, pipe supports, etc. separately.
Commonly used materials are as follows:
1. Gray cast iron: Gray cast iron is suitable for media such as water, steam, air, gas and oil with a nominal pressure PN≤1.0MPa and a temperature of -10°C~200°C.
2. Malleable cast iron: suitable for water, steam, air and oil medium with nominal pressure PN≤2.5MPa and temperature of -30~300℃.
3. Ductile cast iron: suitable for water, steam, air, oil and other media with a PN≤4.0MPa and a temperature of -30~350°C. Common grades are: QT400-15, QT450-10, QT500-7. In view of the current domestic technological level, each factory is uneven, and it is often difficult for users to inspect. According to experience, it is recommended that PN≤2.5MPa, and it is safe to use steel valves.


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