Characteristics of different shell casting processes

Water glass shell
This process technology has a long history of manufacturing in my country for nearly 50 years. Through the perseverance of colleagues in the precision casting industry for decades, the application and scientific research of water glass shell process technology has reached a high level. Over the years, based on the improvement of the back shell refractory material and the application and promotion of new hardeners, the compressive strength of the water glass shell has been doubled.

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Compound shell
Compared with the water glass shell, the surface quality of the casting is greatly improved, the surface roughness is reduced, the surface defects are reduced, and the repair rate is reduced. It can be applied to high alloy steel such as stainless steel and heat-resistant steel.
Silica sol (low temperature wax) shell
This process technology is in line with national conditions, and has great adaptability and advantages in precision casting of more than 1kg, especially medium and large castings of more than 5kg.
Silica sol (medium temperature wax) shell
It is a commonly used precision casting process in the world. It has high casting production quality and low repair rate. It is especially suitable for small and medium-sized castings and extra-small castings with high surface roughness requirements and high dimensional accuracy. (2-1000g).


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