How the pump body is made

The pump body is integrally cast from cast iron, and is divided into a water inlet connection, a volute pressure chamber and a water outlet connection.

The water inlet connection is a contracted conical pipe, which is used to evenly introduce the liquid into the impeller inlet. The periphery of the impeller and the inner wall of the spiral pressure water chamber form a flow channel with a cross-sectional area ranging from small to large. Its main function is to collect the water thrown out of the impeller flow channel, so that the water flows along the volute pressure water chamber to the outlet pipe. .

pump body

The outlet pipe is a tapered pipe that gradually expands. Its function is to make the flow velocity of the water flow gradually decrease from the gradual expansion of the section, and the pressure gradually increase, so that a part of the kinetic energy of the water flow is converted into pressure energy. There is a small hole on the inlet and outlet flanges of the pump body, which are used to install vacuum gauges and pressure gauges respectively.

There is an air vent on the top of the pump body, so that the air in the pump can be removed when the pump is filled with water before starting. There is a water discharge screw hole at the bottom, which is usually blocked with a screw plug to drain the accumulated water in the pump body after shutdown in winter to prevent freezing and cracking.


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