Common structure classification of pump body

1. Horizontal split type This type of pump body is separated on a horizontal split surface passing through the axis. When disassembling the pump casing, it has nothing to do with the suction and discharge pipes, and the maintenance is relatively convenient.

pump body

2. Vertical split pump body This type of pump body is split on the vertical plane of the vertical axis, so it is not easy to leak, but the inlet pipe must be disassembled during maintenance, so maintenance is not as convenient as the horizontal split pump casing.

3. Inclined split type This type of pump body is sucked from the front end and discharged from the top. The pump casing is split on the inclined surface passing through the axis. The suction and discharge pipes are not disassembled, only the upper half is disassembled, and the pump casing You can access the interior.

4. Cylinder type This type of pump is made of a simplified pump body. For a pump with very high pressure, it is difficult to withstand the pressure with a single-layer pump body, so a double-layer pump body is used. The cylindrical pump casing can withstand higher pressure, and a horizontally split or vertically split rotor is installed in it. Most of the high-pressure boiler feed pumps in fertilizer plants are simplified multi-stage centrifugal pumps.


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