The function and structure of pump body china

Pump body china is one of the main components of the pump, and it is one of the key components to maintain the normal operation of the pump. Pump body china is generally made of metal, such as steel, copper, cast iron and other materials.

The role of the pump body is to accommodate the rotor, impeller and shaft as well as the ability to transfer and transfer liquid. The geometric shape and size of pump body china are different, which vary according to different pump types and usage requirements. The shape of pump body china is usually cylindrical or square, and the diameter, length and height will also vary due to different practical applications.

pump body china

Pump body china has a variety of structural forms, the more common ones are inner bore type, outer bore type and mixed flow type. Bore type pump body china is to place the rotor, impeller, etc. in the pump body chamber, and the blades push the liquid by centrifugal force, and pump the liquid out through the outlet series. The external bore type pump body china impeller and rotor are externally placed in the pump body china shell, which has the characteristics of stable flow and high working efficiency, and is usually used to deal with low viscosity liquids. Mixed flow pump body china uses the combination of centrifugal and forward flow hydraulic characteristics to generate high-efficiency flow and pressure, but it is usually used in low-pressure and high-flow working environments.

Regardless of the type of pump body china, they operate by driving the rotor, impeller and other mechanisms to generate centrifugal force to pump the liquid into the impeller, and generate power to move the liquid and be pumped out. Therefore, pump body china is an indispensable part of the pump device, which ensures that the pump device has long-lasting and efficient performance, and thus is widely used in many fields, such as industry, agriculture, medical treatment, urban water supply and other fields.


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