Maintenance and Repair of Hydraulic Drive Device of Quick Closing Butterfly Valve

(1) After the quick-closing butterfly valve hydraulic drive device is installed, when refueling the oil tank, it must be refueled according to the grade given in the manual. The new oil must be filtered before it can enter the oil tank. The level is above NAS8.

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(2) When the hydraulic drive device of the quick-closing butterfly valve runs for the first time after the installation is completed, it is necessary to confirm whether the direction of the motor is correct. It can be judged by jogging the motor. If the direction is inconsistent with the direction required by the manual, the wiring must be changed. Do not start the motor for a long time before confirming that the direction of the motor is correct, so as not to damage the oil pump.
(3) Before the initial operation of the hydraulic drive device of the quick-closing butterfly valve after installation, the relief valve should be completely loosened, and then the pressure should be gradually increased, preferably in increments of 1MPa, and run for 5 minutes in each pressure section to confirm If there is no abnormality, then increase it until it reaches the required pressure in the manual. Faults that occur during the pressure test should be eliminated in time. Troubleshooting must be done after depressurization. If the weld needs to be re-welded, the piece must be removed and the oil can be removed before welding.


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