What are the carbon steel parts

After quenching, carbon steel has high surface hardness (not less than HRC60) and good wear resistance, but the disadvantage is that the hardenability is low, the hardened layer is thin, the core hardness is low, and the diameter is greater than 15 meters. The workpiece is prone to deformation and cracking during quenching. The tempering resistance is also poor, so the thermal hardness is low, and the hardness decreases significantly when the working temperature exceeds 250 degrees Celsius, which cannot meet the performance requirements of high-speed cutting tools and hot-working molds, so it is only suitable for manufacturing small size, simple shape, and high cutting speed. high tool. However, because carbon steel does not contain alloying elements and has a low price, it is widely used.

Low price Carbon stell parts

Carbon steel parts are:
1) Fitters, hardware tools. Such as hand saw blades, files, reamers, taps, dies, chisels, reamers, metal shears, tools for cutting off, etc.
(2) Woodworking tools. Such as planers, chisels, saw blades, awls, turning tools, etc.;
(3) Mould. Cold-acting punches, wire-drawing dies, trimming dies, etc. with simple shapes.
(4) Measuring tools. Various gauges, calipers and templates that do not require very high precision are also used to manufacture parts that require hardness and grinding. T7 steel has good strength and plasticity, and can be used to manufacture tools subjected to impact loads.


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