Anti-rust treatment of carbon steel parts

1. First of all, it depends on whether the carbon steel parts need long-term anti-rust or short-term. If long-term rust prevention is required, surface treatment is generally required.

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2.  Hot-dip galvanizing Among them, the better effect is of course hot-dip galvanizing. The rust-removed steel parts are immersed in a molten zinc solution at about 500 ℃, so that the surface of the carbon steel parts adheres to the zinc layer. Of course, this approach is more expensive.
3. chrome plating, nickel, zinc, etc. The cost is not so high, generally such as chrome plating, nickel, zinc and so on. Among them, galvanizing is the more conventional and frequently used surface treatment. It should be noted that the galvanizing here refers to cold galvanizing (ie, electrogalvanizing), which is different from the hot-dip galvanizing above. The thickness is thinner than that of hot-dip galvanizing, and the corrosion resistance is also worse.
According to different carbon steel parts products, there are also different processing methods. For large and irregular products, you can use baking paint, plastic spraying, and spray painting (the highest price and the best effect are baking paint); for the parts with assembly on the surface, you can apply anti-rust oil, and chrome plating for higher requirements, hardness Well, the size is also manageable.


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