What is the difference between pump body and pump head

Regarding the pump body, it will be the main object of the explanation, because it is included in the product series, so it must be introduced through the article to explain its relevant knowledge content, so that everyone can learn this aspect, so as to understand the product .

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The pump body refers to the general term of the volute, the impeller, the bearing, the oil shell and the seal, while the pump head refers to the impeller, the bearing, the oil ring and the sealing rotating parts, and the pump shell refers to the part in contact with the medium. Therefore, what these three contain is not the same.
For pump body parts, its main structural features are:
There are one or more pairs of bearing support holes that are strict and difficult to process, and have one or more reference surfaces and support surfaces. Therefore, its structure is more complicated, the wall is thin and the wall thickness is not uniform. In addition, there are many holes for fastening, but the accuracy requirements are not high.
The process principles of pump body processing are as follows:
Principle 1: The principle of "face first, then hole" means that the plane is processed first, and the hole is processed later.
Principle 2: "Separate rough and fine, first rough and then fine" principle, that is, roughing first, then finishing.


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