Common materials for valve bodies

The valve body is a major component in the valve; there are different mechanical manufacturing methods depending on the pressure level. For example: casting, forging, etc.

Cheap valve body

1. grey cast iron
Grey cast iron valves are used in various fields of industry due to their low price and wide application range. They are usually used in the case of water, steam, oil and gas as the medium, and are widely used in chemical industry, printing and dyeing, oil chemical, textile and many other industrial products that have little or no effect on iron pollution. It is suitable for low pressure valves with working temperature between -15~200℃ and nominal pressure PN≤1.6MPa.
2. Ductile Iron
Ductile iron is a type of cast iron that replaces the flake graphite in gray cast iron with spheroidal or spheroidal graphite. This change in the internal structure of the metal makes its mechanical properties better than ordinary gray cast iron, and does not damage other properties. Therefore, valves made of ductile iron can be used at higher pressures than those made of gray cast iron. It is suitable for medium and low pressure valves with a working temperature between -30 and 350°C and a nominal pressure of PN≤4.0MPa. The applicable medium is water, sea water, steam, air, gas, oil, etc.


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