How Check Valves Work

Check valve is also known as reverse flow valve, check valve, back pressure valve, one-way valve. This type of valve is automatically opened and closed by the force generated by the flow of the medium itself in the pipeline, and belongs to an automatic valve. The check valve is used in the pipeline system, and its main function is to prevent the backflow of the medium, the reverse rotation of the pump and its driving motor, and the discharge of the medium in the container. Check valves may also be used on lines supplying auxiliary systems where the pressure may rise above the main system pressure.

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Check valves can be applied to pipelines of various media according to different materials. The check valve is installed on the pipeline and becomes one of the fluid components of the complete pipeline. The opening and closing process of the valve disc is affected by the transient flow state of the system in which it is located; in turn, the closing characteristics of the valve disc are It has an effect on the fluid flow state.
The working characteristics of the check valve are that the load changes greatly, the frequency of opening and closing is small, and once it is put into the closed or open state, the applicable period is very long, and it does not require the movement of moving parts. However, once the requirements are "switched", they must be flexible, which is more demanding than common mechanical movements.


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