Industrial spare parts sales

Industrial spare parts are not simple industrial products, and the sale of industrial products is not simply selling products. The reason is simple, industrial products are To B's business. When an enterprise decides whether to purchase a product or whether to cooperate with a certain supplier for a long time, it is often not because the supplier's business is doing well, but more likely because the enterprise feels the supplier's high-quality product quality and good technical services and the enterprise reputation. Among them, product quality is of course the key, at the same time, brand reputation, service ability, communication cost and personnel quality are all factors to be considered.

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Many spare parts business personnel do business by meeting with purchasing personnel, treating guests, drinking tea, and giving gifts. In fact, is the decision maker for the selection of spare parts procurement? It is not ruled out that some companies are. However, as long as there is a certain management awareness and technical awareness of the enterprise, the decision makers are the design engineers and R&D engineers of the enterprise. Purchasing in the enterprise only determines order issuance, payment and supplier management. Of course, some companies will have strategic procurement departments, but in any case, the right to choose industrial spare parts belongs to the technical department. Usually it is the engineers and engineering supervisors who decide.


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