What are the industrial accessories

The industrial aluminum profile accessories are rich in variety, which can basically meet the needs of the designer. The main accessories are bolts, nuts, corner pieces, connecting pieces, end face connecting plates, spacer connecting blocks, elastic fasteners, living hinges, hoof horns and casters.
Other accessories for industrial aluminum profiles include hinges, end cover plates, movable hooks, flat sealing grooves, U-shaped grooves, handles and lifting eyes. The hinge is used for the active connection between profiles and profiles or profiles and plates. The end face cover is installed on the end face of the profile, which is both beautiful and safe. The movable hook can be inserted into the groove of the profile to slide back and forth to hook various tools, wires and other objects. The flat seal groove can cover the groove on the surface of the profile, play a decorative role, and also keep the surface of the profile clean.

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After the U-shaped groove strip is put into the groove of the profile, the plexiglass and other plates can be inserted to play the functions of buffering, protection and sealing. The handle is mounted on the profile for easy opening and carrying. The lifting eye is installed on the end face of the profile for lifting.


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