Comparison of imported valves and domestic valves

At present, valves have become one of the fastest-growing industries in my country's equipment manufacturing industry. The types of valves are increasing, and various industries have higher and higher requirements for valve quality and technology. But like most machinery industries, my country's valve industry is also facing the development bottleneck of late start and poor foundation. As the foundation of the manufacturing industry, valves are widely used in all walks of life. Therefore, the process of localization of valves has always been a matter of great concern. After years of hard work, the localization of valves in China has made very gratifying progress.

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There is no doubt that quality is a key factor for users to choose a product. The working environment of the valve is usually harsh, so the quality and service life of the valve are very important. Since foreign research on instrument valves started earlier, in terms of processing equipment and research and development level, they are more advanced than domestic ones.


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