What are the main application areas of customized Pump parts?

What are the main application areas of customized Pump parts?The main application areas are:Bridging the Gap Between Customized Air/Gas Systems and the Stock SystemPump parts are designed to meet the specific performance needs of your specific vehicle. When you have a specific use for a part, you need to know what that specific use is. By having a comprehensive list of your air/gas system, you will be able to determine what options, if any, will be available to you. For example, you may have a specific need for a specific type of intake manifold. OEM manifold is not designed for that specific type of intake. You will need to find a way to connect your factory intake to a specific air/gas final difference between the stock and customized air/gas system is the type of intake manifold. stock air/gas system has a very wide diameter intake manifold that will not fit properly into your specific vehicle.


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