The main function of the pump body

The pump body is also called the pump casing. The function of the water pump body is mainly to seal the impellers of various water pumps and the conveyed medium in a certain space, concentrate the medium discharged from the pump impeller to the outlet pipeline, and convert a part of the flow velocity of the medium into pressurized. It can accelerate the flow velocity of the outlet pipeline and increase the pressure to achieve the purpose of delivering constant flow of water from low places to high places.

pump body

There are three types of commonly used water pump pump bodies: 1) Volute type double-suction centrifugal pump: the shape is very similar to the shell of a snail, and there are flow channels with different cross-sections in the volute. The impact of the flow head is also very large.
2) Pump body with inducer device: the pump body is a rotating body model, and there are several flow passages with inducer structure on the outside of the impeller inside the pump body.
3) Double-layer water pump body: Adding an outer cylindrical pump body to the general water pump body is called a double-layer water pump body. This kind of pump body can usually play a role in heat preservation or cooling, such as automatic stirring and sewage discharge When the pump transports high-temperature liquid, if you want to keep the temperature constant, you can pass hot water or thermal insulation liquid on the outer layer so that the liquid in the pump body does not drop. If you want to lower the temperature, you can pass cold water on the outer layer to cool down.


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