Performance Analysis of Low Carbon Steel Precision Casting Industrial Parts

1. When the new low carbon steel precision casting industrial parts surface anti carburizing zircon powder coating is used in the production of low carbon stainless steel castings with basic phenolic resin sand, it has a significant anti carburizing effect on the surface, and has no effect on other components of the casting. Meet product quality requirements.

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2. When the low carbon steel casting industrial parts are produced by the water glass sand process, the surface of the casting generally does not have carburization. When the resin sand process is used to produce low carbon steel castings, the reason why carburizing defects are prone to occur on the surface of low carbon steel precision castings is mainly due to the thermal decomposition of organic substances such as resins, and the resulting carbon-containing pyrolysis products pass through the sand mold due to penetration.
3. The anti-carburized zircon powder coating on the surface of the new low carbon steel precision casting industrial parts has good permeability, anti-flow and crack resistance. Part of it can be peeled off in pieces, the surface of the casting is smooth, basically free of sticky sand and pores, which greatly improves the cleaning efficiency of the casting, saves energy and reduces labor intensity.


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