Water pump parts supplier shares control measures in pump operation

1. Bad working environment
For example, poor air quality and poor ventilation cause the temperature in the pump room to be too high, which will affect the health of the pump workers and accelerate the insulation aging of electrical equipment. Control measures: Strengthen the ventilation in the pump room to make the air volume and wind speed meet the requirements.

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If the water pump cannot be started in the case of a sudden power failure and the water level in the water tank of the pump room rises, the water gate and the water tank inlet valve should have been closed in time, but the commander did not issue the closing order in time, which may cause drowning or drowning. Personal injury accident. Control measures: Every staff member has the right to refuse anyone's illegal command, and has the right to operate the equipment and facilities within the scope of his job according to the correct operating procedures. This is the need for their own safety and the need for enterprise safety management.
3. Operation error
Any behavior that does not follow the operating procedures may lead to accidents. If the outlet gate valve of the pump is not closed before the pump is stopped, the impeller of the pump may be damaged or the drainage pipeline may be damaged due to water hammer; when using a high-voltage test pen, it may directly touch the live part, which may cause an electric shock accident. Control measures: strengthen safety education and training, improve the technical quality and work responsibility of pump workers, operate pumps and electrical equipment in strict accordance with regulations, and eliminate unsafe behaviors of people.


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