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Pump Parts 11




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    • Commodity name: Pump Parts 11
    • Commodity ID: 1010

    Brand Name:  Valve parts

    Model Number:  QY-0002

    Place of Origin:  Shijiazhuang, China

    Structure:  Ball valve, gate valve, plug valve, globe valve, butterfly valve,

    Certification:  ISO9001:2015

    Material:  Ductile iron,grey iron

    process:  casting

    Weight:  2”-24”

    packing details:  wood or carton packages as per your demands.

    Dimensions:  depend on drawings

  • Automatic molding line, resin sand, green sand, shell casting ,Precoated sand


    Pump parts :

    The main material :gray iron, ductile iron, stainless steel

    The main products :Impeller, pump body, pump shell, pump cover ,impeller ,diffuser

    Casting process:automatic molding line, shell casting, resin sand, green sand,investment sand

  • Automatic line spray, general spray paint, primer, anti-rust oil, electrophoresis


    Vertical machining center, horizontal machining center, lathe, drill machine, vertical machine, CNC machining, grinder, valve body special machine, gantry CNC.