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Stainless Steel Parts for house




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    • Commodity name: Stainless Steel Parts for house
    • Commodity ID: 3060

    Brand Name:  Stainless steel

    Model Number:  QY-0003

    Place of Origin:  Shijiazhuang, China

    Structure:  All kinds of mechanical stainless steel accessories, to figure processing

    Certification:  ISO9001:2015

    Material:   SS201、SS202、SS301、SS303、SS304、SS304L、SS316、SS316L、SS321、310S、401

    process:  investment casting

    Weight:  0.1 kg-70kg

    packing details:  wood or carton packages as per your demands.

    Dimensions:  depend on drawings

    • Stainless Steel Parts for house
  • investment casting


    Stainless steel :

    The main products:All kinds of industrial parts, food machinery parts, water pump parts, anti-corrosion parts, all kinds of stainless steel products.

    Casting process:investment sand

  • Polishing, electroplating


    Vertical machining center, horizontal machining center, lathe, drill machine, vertical machine, CNC machining, grinder, valve body special machine, gantry CNC.